About Us

Who we are

People always ask me where my passion for baking came from. Many people ask if my mother taught me to bake. My mother’s idea of baking is a box of Dunkin Hines. Unfortunately, she wasn’t much of a baker. My grandmother came up for a visit from Jamaica when I was 6 years old. She baked a cake from scratch with no recipe. I assisted her in the mixing as all children do. However unbeknownst to either one of us that this would be etched into my memory forever and ever. Two years past and I was now eight and my parents were at work and I wasn’t allowed to use the oven. I needed money to go to the store to buy candy, but I had no money. My entrepreneurial spirit came to life. My best friend at the time Daphne (we’re still friends today) decided to go to our respective homes and bake. Well, I only knew one recipe and I witnessed it two years prior. Without faltering, I took out the stand mixer and made the only cake I knew how. It was a hit! Thus began my love for baking. Over the years I would bake for all sorts of events work, charity and hone my craft. In the early 2000’s I took all the Wilton cake decorating classes. As well as some cake decorating classes by professional decorators. I believe that baking is my Zen. The creative process is one of the things that drives me. The other would be the pleasure that simple ingredients bring to people. I’ve learned over the years to use premium ingredients and everything turns out spectacular! It is my desire to share my love of baking with you. That some of my favourite cakes will also become some of your favourites as well. Bon Appétit.

– Christopher Brown (Chris Creations)

Our Mission

It is our aim and goal to bring and meld phenomenal flavours with our food offerings to your event with friends and family. As people from all walks of life, we gather, enjoying and share the food we love. As we have a keenness for extraordinary flavours, we want to share our passion for great-tasting food with you. That is what we will strive to provide in our culinary creations. Use the best quality ingredients and products to achieve an outstanding product that will leave your mouth and taste buds wanting more. We pride ourselves on our commitment to give you a memorable food experience and exceptional service.

High Standards

Work Tirelessly

Skilled Growers


Our Standards

Chris Creations is committed to providing superior service by:

Listing to our clients

Carefully selecting quality ingredients

Keeping current on the ever-changing food trends

Providing food of the highest quality & consistency

Understanding and anticipating customer wants & needs